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So I have watched all the you tube videos over and over again , I'm trying to do a sign with a textured background and letters above but I just can't get it, I even tried the textures on there and still can't get the letters above the texture, literally done it 30 plus times,anyone know how I can find something to help


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  • I'm not 100 percent what you're asking for, but from what I can make out it seems like a layers problem. Meaning your background texture must be on a layer above your working layer. The quickest way to work around this is to group all your artwork (background and letters) and then ungroup them. This forces all the objects to be on the same layer. Then simply send your background art to the back (Shift + Page Down).

    The longer way to do this is to open the design editor (E), click on the Objects tab, hit the + next to Page1, expand the lower layers, select all the objects in the upper layer, and drag them to the lower layer. 

    Then go back to the Layers tab and delete the now empty upper layer. Don't delete any other layers unless you know what you are doing. 


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