Upgrade Installation Cleanup - Reduce Extra Installation Clutter

Currently when upgrading the cloud installation another instance of Flexi is installed rather than updating the old installation. This creates the following problems:

1. Takes up additional storage space

2. If application icons are pinned to the Start Menu or Taskbar the user must remove and re-pin the updated application

3. If using Production Manager, setups and jobs are not carried over.

4. Application Preferences must be imported into new installation

I guess I am just old fashioned but I believe an "Update" should be just an update and not a full re-install, even if logistically it is a re-installation. Meaning, the user should be oblivious to what it takes to maintain the latest version of your software. Currently, the update process is too intrusive.

Please take a look at my other feature request of Cloud Preference management to further make updating or rolling out installations easier than it is. Ideally, I would like to be able to push all the updates to my multiple workstations without having to have a degree in IT.

Thank you!



  • I agree. My flexi 21 subscription updated to version 22, it learned some of the settings, but now I have both versions loaded on my PC.

  • I just got notification about your comment, and I felt it necessary to offer an update to this problem.

    Although I still think there needs to be a more elegant solution to this problem via the "Updater" process, there is a workaround according to SAi tech support, and that is to select the previous build's directory for the upgrade installation path. The settings are retained and the application shortcuts retain their paths. Of course, SAi for whatever reason names their installation folder with the current build number/name (vs. just SAI Cloud/) and so this means your current build eventually will not be accurately reflected according to the folder name.   

    I don't like this method of "Upgrading" but it's better than having multiple installs and of course having to port over your previous settings. 


  • Simple solution, but not always thought of first.


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