move issue

What am I doing wrong. I made a part that is 5 by 8 in. with a 1 by 1 square hole in the center

Next I put a female offset on the inside hole and a male offset on the outside box.

Next I group the part.

Next I array the parts.

Then to fill in a place on the end of the sheet I copy and past some of the parts.

Then I rotate them.

Then I move them into position. And it glitches as you can see.

What is causing that?



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  • Matthew, 

    I am not sure if you have figured it out yet or not. I am new to this board, and I noticed your post, and no one answered you. If I was you, I would look at the Horizontal and Vertical settings. When you rotate after it has been nested, it doesn't automatically rearrange the nest. This means you will need to rotate the part before you run the multiple copies nest. 

    Hope this helps. 



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