Exporting automatically converts fonts to outlines .. not wanted

No matter if it's pdf, eps or ai, all my Flexi exports are converting my fonts to outlines.  Any idea how I can stop this happening, I need the fonts to remain?



  • You can export them as AI files. It gives you the option to convert or not.

    If you have Adobe Illustrator then you can export it from there as a PDF with font editable.

    Just a warning though, it's never a good idea to export your project without fonts converted to outlines, but I'm sure you already know this, and you probably have a very specific reason to want fonts in your exports. 

    While on the topic of shoulds for export, you should never use strokes in your work and export them as strokes open up the possibility of not scaling properly. Always convert your strokes to outlines before exporting if you value your artwork remaining the same no matter the scale. 

    If you want a PDF export with fonts from Flexi, then forgetaboutit. 

  • When you export, you can turn off "suppress options" to see more options like the one to allow fonts when exporting to Ai.


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