Bring Back Import Unique File Folder Location

Back in the day, circa V7.5 when one used the "Import" feature the file folder location was remembered independently from "Open". It was a real time saver to quickly get to a common resource folder such as stored logos, design elements or templates when using Import.

I always thought SAi was really ahead of the curve with these small thoughtful features until they nixed it in subsequent releases.

If anything, it would be a nice re-added features to Edit/Preferences/File Paths



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    Hi Micah,

    Unfortunately that is a windows function through and through. SAi did not remove or change that function, so if it's gone, it was removed by Microsoft. But I've seen it works for some people and not for others in latest builds, so I couldn't tell you what changed or what the common thread is.

  • Not sure if any of you have ever used Freehand before, but it had a dedicated assets import which came in very handy for placing frequently used artwork. 

    As for the answer that it was a Windows issue, version Flexi 7.5 (7.6) on windows 7,8,10 all worked with the split "Last Opened"  Open/Import directories. It wasn't until Flexi Version 8 that this stopped working. It has not worked since 7.6. 


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