Tiling Whithin Design Software - A Design Central Add-On

Currently, tiling is done within the Production Manager/Rip and Print, which is great for simple and straight to the point tiles, but not for vehicle wraps where you care about seam locations and orientation.

I propose something similar to how Illustrator allows users to create artboards which can then be exported as EPS or PDF files for each artboard.

Now, since Flexi is way better as a sign and print software I know we can step up the bar by adding the following features.

  • Create a 'Printer Tiles' feature tied to the Design Central.
  • Constrained Tiles - Tiles can be constrained by media size, or custom sizes - both numerical and free transform
  • Tile Naming - The ability to name the tile with numerical naming by default, and the option to print tile name via production manager.
  • Overlap/Tiles Options - Basically the same tile options within the rip and print that are also available within Design Central.
  • Orientation - Similar to Tile Flip, but within the Design Central with options available for arrows indicating direction whenever the panel is selected
  • Hide and Unhide - Options to toggle panel views; On, Off, and Ghost (50% opacity)
  • Print Tile Toggle - Allows you to select which tile you want active to print, with "Preserve tile rotation/orientation" as an option. The rotation lock would be helpful when you want to reprint or selectively print a portion of the job without worrying about which side of the printer it was intended to print on. 
  • Rasterize Tiles - An option to rasterize each tile, with ANTI ALIASING!!!! and the option to "Keep Original" - This would help for output when someone other than you is printing the job, and when there is a mixture of gradients, text, vector or color space elements that could create unpredictable results due to Rip rendering intents.
  • Export Tiles
  • Scale option that hems the file name with "10%, 20%..."
  • Selective Tile Output
  • Rasterize Upon Export
  • PDF, EPS, JPG with normal associated output options
  • The above is a lot, but in a perfect world I would also love the option "Use Contour Cut" for Tiles with a bleed value to generate complex objects propagated with artwork that can then be nested manually or using True Shape Nest. I create a lot of graphic kits where panels overlap with irregular shapes, and currently I need to mask or fuse the artwork into each panel shape which requires artwork to be duplicated for each instance, making for more computing lag and more time to make any changes.

Thank you for your consideration.

Micah Robles - DirtDigits.com




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