Too Many Installs without uninstalling

So We had to reset windows on our computer we run Flexi on for our HP Latex 315 printer.  We use the perpetual licensed version that comes with the printer.  In the past we had to reinstall several times and in every case we were unable to remove the license inside the software.  #1 computer updated from win7 to 10 automatically and was unable to move the software back into usable form.  #2 operator error formatted the hard drive when moving to a raid backup system.  #3 SSD died.  Now we had to reset windows due to a hard drive crash and we are informed we cannot reinstall due to too many reinstalls without using the software itself to unlicense it before reinstalling.  Which leaves me with a $12000 printer that's unusable because free software that came with it won't install due to licensing?  I've got a print job due in the morning that I've worked overtime for 2 days to get the machine into usable form so I can get it printed and I can't because I've reinstalled the software on the same machine after equipment failure or operator error too many times?  How about a warning when we come up on this arbitrary hard limit or perhaps a notification to remove it after installing and reinstall it?  So I'll figure out a workaround for today and call in tomorrow.  This is like telling someone with the old versions that if their dongle broke they'd have to buy the whole thing again. (dear god don't go back to dongles.  Nothing like someone walking off with your livelihood in their front pocket.) 




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    Hi Victor,

    Sorry about your licensing issues! I will send your feedback to development. Resolving your licensing issue can be handled pretty quickly with our technical support team, please give them a call as soon as you can.

    And don't worry, we don't have any plans to return to dongles.

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