need help about the icc

hello have some one can help me i have your software flexi for printer i cant print the hard colors i have just two icc i need more profil please thank you



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  • I'm guessing you have either given up, or you have figured it out, but in an effort to help you an potentially others, I will offer a solution.

    If you cannot find a profile that works for you then Flexi has done a good job of allowing you to tweak a profile using Presets found in the Production Manager.

    If most of the colors you use are good, but you are struggling to create a special color using the color mixer within the Design software then try using Spot Color Mapping.  check out this video here

    Also try this video for general color management.

    Personally, what I like to do is find any profile that is available for my printer and then send a pantone color chart

    and then compare the colors to a pantone color booklet

    Additionally, you want to test gradients before making any Production Manager adjustments. Typically you want an ICC that will produce smooth gradients, and that is determined by the dithering pattern assigned to the ICC profile, but you can change it.

    Without doing this you will have no clue where your colors are at.

    If the colors and gradients are overall pretty close but not perfect then I will estimate what is needed, more ink or less ink. If you think it needs more ink then you're gonna need to try to find a different ICC that gives you more headroom to deduct ink. If you think it needs less ink then I immediately save out the current settings as a Preset within the Production Manager, naming it something like Standard Vinyl Prints, or whatever makes sense to you. I then start with the Color Adjustments tab and pull down the right side of the ink curve for "All" to 50% and then run a print test again. I would then run another adjustment at 75%. This gives you a baseline which shows you too light and too dark between 100 to 75 and 75 to 50. Then, depending on what side of 75% the print to pantone match is closer to I would then split the value in half again until I find the perfect, or close enough value. I then save the Preset.

    There are other values that can greatly change the output. Vibrance makes a huge change for such a minor value change, but it can help if you are going for a more vivid print. Rendering Intent within Color Management/Advanced/Rendering Intent also can change factors, but not as dramatically as the above values. Withing Rendering Intent there are Pure Hue options for each value which will push colors near the pure end of their gamut to be less grainy. When I am printing rasterized prints I do not use this feature, but for vector I will.

    If all but one key colors are in spec then I will use the Spot Color Mapping where you create a Spot Color under Color Management/Color Mapping.... There you create a spot color, say "Spot Cyan" and adjust the values of the printer device, 100% Cyan in this example, and then save the preset. From Design software you create a spot color using the exact same spelling (caps and all) and adjust the swatch color to match your desired color, making sure to have "Spot Color" selected for the "Mode" of the color. Then be sure to save your color table within the Design software so that it will be perpetual.

    If the color needs to be adjusted then I suggest printing a swatch from within the Add/Modify Custom Spot Color dialog box under Color Managment/Color Mapping... A multi-value array of colors will print and you simply enter the XY value in the the Add/Modify Custom Spot Color for "Closest matching swatch" and then once again save the preset. After that, you will have a predictable color that you can use across all print jobs using the same preset.


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