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I am trying to use production manager to print and cut. every time i sent a job to PM it rips, then my printer starts up and gets ready to do the job then stops beeps 3 times and the button flashes blue. i have the printer connect in the USB port on my computer. i can print and cut just fine thru versa works, and vinyl master.



  • Same here. The workaround was to create the cutter marks within Flexi and then use the File/ "Cut Contour"  feature to send the contour cut portion to the PM. 

    Honestly, this is backwards considering Flexi has always been the king of print/cut workflow and now there's little reason to use the PM. I currently use the File/Send to Versaworks feature exclusively for printing since Flexi Production Manager doesn't come close to the colors Versaworks makes. Super sad. 

    Anyway, it's been a month since you've asked the question and hopefully you found a solution since then. If not, I hope this helps.

  • I never did get an answer or resolution. So i cancelled the PM and just use flexi and versaworks. Kinda disappointed but flexi is still wayyyyyy better than using Adobe Illustrator

  • I agree, Flexi is by far better than AI when it comes to production artwork.  Not sure if you picked up on the "Send to Versaworks" or not, but if you aren't using this feature then you're missing the best part of using the two together. I've custom keystroke mapped CTRL+SHIFT+H to this command and haven't looked back. 

    Essentially, you get the same results of sending directly out of Flexi to the rip as the Rip and Print feature, but without the issues of the messed up PM we live with. It even allows you to choose which Queue to send to. The only thing I don't like is that you cannot force "PDF" but you can "EPS". Normally this isn't an issue unless you are using Adobe transparency. One tip, if it sends as a PDF it will default to your last "Export as" pdf settings for sizes. So, if your PDF enters Versaworks as letter size, then quickly export a pdf "Full scale" with ContourCuts. 


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