A cut shape does not show up in PM

The pic below is supposed to be cutting 'La Luna La Luna'.

I have tried remaking the file in Illustrator and remaking the contour cut in Flexi, but the second 'Luna' never shows up in PM? So if I send this file to the plotter it won't cut that shape.

If it helps solve the problem - my workflow for a print/cut is - in Illustrator -  make the contour cut shape a unique color then open in Flexi and:

Edit/select/select by attributes/fill (select the unique color)

Arrange/Contour Cut/ Make contour cut (the color disappears and the cut line appears)

Select all and rip and print.

Go to PM and print and then (normally) send the printed file to my summa plotter.  However sometimes oddly a cut shape is missing. 




This has happened a few times.  Does anyone know what's going on?





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    Hmm, that's strange. Can you provide the .eps file for me to take a look at?

  • I discovered if I open the file in Flexi from an AI file and make the contour cut and Rip and Print, the cut shapes are correct in PM.  If I open the file in Flexi from an EPS and do the same contour cut some shapes are missing in PM.


  • Just a suggestion, when you open the eps pdf or ai file into flexi, use the "Select by Attribute" (d) and select all the contour cuts from the stroke tab. Then go to Arrange/Contour Cut/Release Contour Cut and then Make Contour Cut. If the options are greyed out then ungroup all and try again. 

    Honestly though, screw making contour cuts from Illustrator. Flexi does a much better job than Illustrator. 

    Use Effects/Contour Cut and select the "With Holes" if you need the inner holes. Also, you can use rounded edges from the "Join Type" options next to the color selector. This will make for a much nicer cut piece. 


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