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Can I use Flexi on more than one computer at once?

Each Flexi key is one license of the software and will allow the software to be used on one PC at a time. The key can be moved from one PC to another. For more than one instance of Flexi to be running at the same time, multiple keys would have to be purchased.


Every month my subscription stops working and I have to call support to get it working again

The cloud requires admin privileges to be able to check our servers every month. First, verify that you have Full Administrative Privileges so that Flexi has permission to perform that check each month. Second, you may have a Anti-virus or firewall that could be blocking to communication to our servers. Make sure you set exceptions in all firewalls, and anti-virus software to make sure that Flexi or Enroute can connect to our servers.

For more information, see: Cannot Reach Licensing Server


How do I know if I have the latest version of the software for my Flexi or EnRoute subscription?

  1. In Flexi or EnRoute, go to Help > About
  2. Find your Software ID Number and your Build Number.  
  3. Log in to Find the license that matches Software ID, and click on it.
  4. Compare the Build Number found in your software vs. the Active Build on the SAi Cloud. If the number is the same, you have the latest version of the software. If the Active Build is higher, you have an upgrade available to you and can upgrade your software.

Why is my Flexi always updating?

Your Flexi software provides updated builds of the software a few times a year and NEVER updates automatically. It is a manual update every single time. If you have a window explaining that Flexi is updating, it is always about the License that allows you to use your software, meaning it is reaching out to our server to update your license to ensure your license is valid to be used. The software itself did not update in this process.


How do I transfer my Flexi or EnRoute license from one computer to another?

  1. Locate your License Manager in Windows. 
    • For Flexi go to C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite XX (pick the last folder in "SAi" if there is more than one)
    • For EnRoute, go to C:\Enroute
      • In some cases you can find your License Manager quickly by searching for it by clicking your Windows button and typing in "License Manager"
  2. Open the License Manager. Click "Remove License from this Computer"
  3. Go to the computer where you wish your license to be. Install it if necessary from
  4. Locate the License Manager.
  5. Enter your Activation code located at

I don’t have any ICC/Output profiles. Where can I find those?

Please read this article: Color Profiles / ICC Profiles


I just installed my Flexi software and added my printer in but the colors are not coming out right.

This is an extensively challenging part of the printing industry and does not have a simple solution. The common cause of poor color output can be linked to a number of things, but the biggest source of color issues come from two sources:

  1. Color profile issues. See: Color Profiles / ICC Profiles
  2. Printer hardware issues

For #2, please contact your printer manufacturer or dealer for assistance.


What are the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for Flexi and EnRoute?

Flexi: Flexi 22 System Requirements

EnRoute: EnRoute Recommended System Requirements


When I launch Flexi/EnRoute subscription license says it needs to be up to date. What should I do?

This warning is to inform you that either your license has expired or Flexi was unable to retrieve a valid license for your software. Follow these steps to ensure your license is active and valid.

  1. Locate your License Manager in Windows. 
    • For Flexi go to C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite XX (pick the last folder in "SAi" if there is more than one)
    • For EnRoute, go to C:\Enroute
      • In some cases you can find your License Manager quickly by searching for it by clicking your Windows button and typing in "License Manager"
  2. Open License Manager. A few things can happen at this point:
    1. Check the Expiration date:
      • If it is in the past (month/day/year), compare it to the expiration date at If it matches, you need to update your payment or subscription. Contact our Customer Service team. Contact Information
      • If the date on your account is in the future but License Manager shows a date in the past, click "Check for License Updates."
        • If it is able to pull your license successfully, the License Manager will show "License Successfully Updated." Your software should run as expected now. (Note that this system does NOT update the software itself. No changes have been made to Flexi as a result of this system, only the license.)
        • If License Manager says "Your license is already up to date" but the Expiration date does not update, there's a possibility your License Manager is being prevented by some other system (usually an anti-virus or firewall).
          • If the above does not work or you are having some other issue, please read this guide: Licensing FAQ/Guide

When installing the software I get a cannot connect to cloud due to a proxy error and its asking me to setup my proxy settings

This is simply a generic error message informing you that it cannot reach our servers through the internet. Whether you have a network administration team or an IT department, or whether you have a small office/home network setup, there is something prevent the installer from downloading the software package. You do not need a proxy server to reach our servers.

For more information (including a list of URLs and a port to open, please read or have your IT department read: Cannot Reach Licensing Server


When printing or cutting, production manager gives a "Cannot Open Port" error

"Cannot open port" is a generic message warning that Production Manager was unable to reach your device. The solution to this depends heavily on your device and its connection to your computer:

  • Network (Ethernet cable): Please confirm that the IP Address on the device matches the IP Address shown in production manager. If you are not sure what the correct IP Address, it should be very similar to the IP Address on your PC. Contact an IT professional if you need assistance with this process.
  • USB: Here are some common solutions for USB ports
    • Do not select USB001 or similar; instead, use USB_Printer_0 or _1. Try both if you're not sure.
    • Ensure your USB cable is maximum 6 feet in length.
    • Some devices (Mimaki, Graphtec, Summa) require you to install a USB driver for the USB calbe to work. Contact your dealer or manufacturer for assistance in installing this driver.
  • Serial/COM Port: Use COM3. Additionally, if you have a Serial-to-USB adapter, ensure you have the proper drivers for it installed. This is critical for the adapter to function.


Will Flexi run on a Mac?

Yes, SAi offers and supports a FlexiDesign for MacOS license. See: FAQ for FlexiDESIGN for MacOS

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